En tan solo 30 Horas de entrenamiento tu puedes comenzar a trabajar como practicante de hipnosis reforzada

Dr. Victor Giordani
El doctor de tu espiritu.

Talleres, Terapias y Conferencias
de alto Impacto para todo
Utilizando la hipnosis 
el espiritismo y la PNL como Vehiculos de Re
Mental Positiva. 

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  Dr. Victor Giordani D.M C.H.T
    P.O Box 
1748 Imperial Beach CA 91933 USA  
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Vida The Re-connection to life.

This is a program that unifies all of our parts to make us whole thus we can experience a better life.

all of our problems come from the fact that we have willingly but unconsciously given up our power by becoming a separated being.

we feel empty and can not live a life of passion and fulfillment because we are disconnected from our three most essential parts.

there isn't any amount of external THINGS that can make us feel whole until we re-connect all of our most essential parts.

Self Power technology can do it and you are invited to try it.

 Victor Giordani P.O Box 1748 Imperial Beach CA 91933 USA
Email vgiordanni@yahoo.com    ritmopositivo@gmail.com 

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